Big Hole River Valley




World Famous Big Hole Valley

A fishing guide told me growing up his one dream was to someday fish the Big Hole River. After decades of guiding the river his enthusiasm has not diminished in the least.

The Big Hole River flows out of the Beaverhead mountains and braids, meanders and rushes, in almost every compass direction for over 150 miles until it combines with the Beaverhead, then forms the Jefferson near Twin Bridges.If you are an avid sportsman who loves fishing, hunting, hiking and more, there is no better place on earth.

Every mile of the river has thousands of rainbow, brook and cutthroat as well as browns that can have reached as much as 20 pounds.There are also mountain whitefish and the only river graying in the contiguous 48 states. The diverse insect life is unmatched and the river is equally good for floating or wading pounds and 50+ fish days are not uncommon.

Hunters enjoy some of the best elk, deer, bear and moose hunting in the state. There is also antelope, big horn sheep, mountain goats, wolf, bear, mountain lion, eagles, ducks, cranes, mountain grouse and more.

The River is about 25 miles from Butte and the towns of Jackson, Wisdom, Wise River, Melrose, Divide and others provide food and lodging along its length.